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Homework due 3rd July

While Year 3 were on their trip to Foxton Locks, Year 4 were busy making sunflowers using air dray clay.


On the 2nd and 3rd of June 2015, 3/4 visited the University of Leicester Botanical Gardens in Oadby. We explored different habitats including: pond life, the desert, woodland and the tropical habitats. The children had a fantastic time discovering: newts in the pond, minibeasts (woodlice, ladybirds ect) in the woodland as well as finding the banana tree, lemon tree, cocoa tree and the mother - in - law Cactus (named due to its prickly nature).

This has linked in with our work on the rainforest and will continue to support your child's learning in our Science topic of Plants and Habitats. 

This week 3/4 M have been hard at work researching, designing, making and evaluating their own Rainforest dioramas as part of our rainforest topic. They have all used a range of different materials such as tissue paper, card, cellophane as well as pebbles and twigs to create a natural look. All the children have enjoyed the opportunity to be creative and have created imaginative designs and models.

All the children have been independent and creative learners who have all been helping and sharing with each other.

We hope to use the models after half term as a teaching tool, which part of our design brief, to explain what a rainforest is to the Year 1 children.

3/4M  have written some excellent pieces of work related to rainforests: including a rainforest animal fact file, instructions on how to make a chameleon, descriptive writing using all our senses and a letter to David Cameron asking for his help to tackle deforestation.

Below are just a few examples of the work we have been doing.

Rainforest work

Rainforest work 1 Descriptive writing about the rainforest
Rainforest work 2 Descriptive writing about the rainforest
Rainforest work 3 Instructions on how to make a chameleon
Rainforest work 4 Instructions on how to make a chameleon
Rainforest work 5
Rainforest work 6
Rainforest work 7
Rainforest work 8
Rainforest work 9
Rainforest work 10
Rainforest work 11