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PE is on Wednesdays and Swimming is on Thursdays.


Summer Term



Science Week


This week (04.06.18-08.06.18) has been Science Week! In Year 3, we have been learning all about density. The children found out that if you put oil, water, washing up liquid, honey and syrup into a glass they do not mix. This is because they all have different densities; the more density a liquid has the lower down the glass it will be. The less density a liquid has; the higher up the glass it will be.


The children used this Science to make their own lava lamps; they used a plastic bottle which they decorated, oil, water, food colouring and a vitamin C tablet. Once you put the vitamin C tablet inside of the liquids it releases gas and this creates the bubbling 'lava' effect. 


For our Rocks and Fossils topic, the children created their own volcanoes out of paper mache, a milk bottle and paint. We then put vinegar and bicarbonate of soda into the volcano, these items react together and make an 'erupting volcano'!


3S Assembly

On Thursday 10th May at 9:00am 3S will be hosting our class assembly. Parents and families are welcome to come and watch their children. Our assembly will be all about Rocks and Fossils, which is our next Science topic.

Below is the script and song lyrics to help the children to learn their lines and the songs. 


I Am a Paleontologist

She Sells Sea Shells

As part of our Science topic on Forces, the children design and made their own balloon powered rockets. Watch how the air in the balloon was released which caused the rockets to move. 


Balloon Powered Rocket

Still image for this video

Balloon Powered Rocket

Still image for this video

Balloon Powered Rocket

Still image for this video

Balloon Powered Rocket

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Spring Term


Autumn Term


Year 3 Children in Need Assembly!

Our assembly will take place on Thursday 16th November at 9am in the hall. Families are welcome to come and watch their children.



Assembly Song 1- Help!

Assembly Song 2- You've got a friend in me.

During the Autumn term we have lots of brilliant things we will be learning about such as:

How to Wash a Wolly Mammoth

The stone age to Iron age

Place value of 3 digit numbers

Making our own stone age art and jewellery


PLUS a trip to Beaumanor Hall!


Take a look at our quality classroom and learning!

Autumn Term 1 Homework