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 Welcome to Class 2K


PE Tuesday and Wednesday

Please ensure your child has a named PE kit in school on the first day back.

PE will be on Tuesday and Wednesday each week.

Please also ensure that your child has a named water  bottle in school at all times ( the plastic throw away bottles are best).

Our school day begins at 8.45 am  - all Parents and Carers are welcome to attend Family Learning time.

Our school day finishes at 3.15 pm.

ALL children should wear school uniform every day of the week including Golden Time days.

Toys and footballs should not be in school unless it is for a Golden Time activity.

Football cards are not allowed in school unless it is for Golden Time - and they must be given to me to keep until needed.


Spellings this term




9.1.17 – review

Y & regular past tense verbs

16.1.17 - review & el irregular past tense verbs

23.1.17 – ‘-ing’, ‘-ed’,

‘-er’, ‘-est’ to words ending in ‘e’ with a consonant before it


/iː/ sound spelt ‘ey’


6.2.17 –

Wr are

match pitch

stitches witches

fetch catch

badger midge fridge

bridge ledge wedge


walked talked helped melted


high frequency words

very, here, called, asked, saw




quickly quad queen quiet

thing bring singing

sang cling sting spring

jazz buzz fizz


by cry dry fly fry my sky sly try apply deny rely reply supply


looked cooked jumped kicked licked watched

high frequency words

couldn’t wouldn’t shouldn’t



scrap scrunch scream scrimp

think thank thin thick with

spelling pattern

camel tunnel squirrel travel towel tinsel marvel excel rebel quarrel angel label cancel


stood ran swam found


cant, didnt, hasn’t, its, couldnt, I’ll, they’re

high frequency words

wanted where took think know who



closing driving hoping joking liking lining making naming

hoped joked liked shaped hated disused grumbled surprised included juggled

closer nicer driver user

closest nicest

wave – wavy

shake – shaky

shine – shiny


high frequency words

Saturday February Wednesday Tuesday clothes after everyone


trolley turkey valley donkey jersey jockey journey key monkey chimney abbey

monkeys donkeys



through threw

our hour right write

there their they’re



high frequency words

sure, sugar, eye, could, should, would take thought through


wrap wrapper wreck wrestle wriggle wrinkle wrist write wrong wriggly wrinkly

thinner fatter

bigger taller wetter

bare dare care share scared square glare, stare,



high frequency words

improve , who, whole, any, many, most, post, both, only


Click the link below to find out more about reading and phonics support. Lots of ideas and activities.
What are we learning this week?


This week we will continue to explore inventors. Finding out more about who invented trains. The work also links to take one picture  , children will create their own train, imagine they are present the day the Rocket won the competition and write about the life of George Stephenson.


Grammar and punctuation

 We will be looking at irregular verbs

go went come came have had
teach taught catch caught think thought
buy bought feel felt spend spent
am was sleep slept run ran


A noun phrase is  - e.g.

a red box, the green grass, a yellow bus

An adjective and a noun together.

We will also focus this week on types of sentence

statement    command    question

Word classes

verb - I can action it adjective - describes - touch, colour, size noun  - I can hold it
walk  run  jump  hop rough  smooth  soft   slimy  hard car  bus  lorry
play  write  read

red  blue   green  orange

huge  tiny thin  narrow  wide enormous

table  chair  spoon

cat  dog  lion

Phonics  / spelling

Accurate spelling is essential for children to attain the expected level for a year 2 child.

This half term we will revisit phase 5 alternative spellings and continue to develop more accurate spelling within written work.

There are a range of web sites that can support children needing to practise Phase 3 and 5 words . Foam phonemes is a great place to start.

Click on the letter or group of letters , watch them fire out of the cannon and catch them. If you have several letters together and click on them you can almost hear the web site blending the word together.

click on the link below


We will continue to develop recall of the 2 and 10 times table and division facts. Children will continue to practise telling the time to quarter to and quarter past the hour.

This week we continue to develop addition and subtraction skills. Further practise place value and problem solving.

Children in year 2 need to be able to add a 2 digit and a 2 digit number mentally e.g. 25 + 37= and subtract a 2 digit and 2 digit number ( not crossing into the next 10)  e.g. 58 - 13 .

Keep practising adding and subtracting 10 as well as counting up and back across the 10's barriers  - e.g. count on and back from 28 to 34 , from 57 to 63  from 76 to 84.


Try this at home

shark pool


Play- Shop keepers

 Set up a small shop with items that cost up to 30p.  Children buy an item and pay for it exactly. You can challenge them by asking them to pay with a different combination of coins.

Help with times tables - try this web site


2  weeks Inventors

Children will learn about inventors and key inventions that changed the lives of the people who lived during that time and has resulted in the world that we know today. They will learn about their childhood, family and their journey to success. They will use this information to write a historical recount based on a storytelling model. They will carry out scientific experiments to test materials and discover which material is best suited for a purpose.  

3 Weeks

The house that Jack Built.

 Children will re-visit Traditional Tales through our narrative storytelling model. They will use this to invent their own very different version of events . Children will investigate materials and conduct experiments to discover which material is best suited for a particular purpose. They will also create a moving picture using Design and Technology skills.



Phonics web sites

Phoneme pop -

ICT Games - a range of spelling and phonics games.

Letter formation


Trip to New Walk Museum

Problem solving - doubling- frogspawn in a pond

Problem solving  - doubling- frogspawn in a pond 1
Problem solving  - doubling- frogspawn in a pond 2
Problem solving  - doubling- frogspawn in a pond 3
Problem solving  - doubling- frogspawn in a pond 4
Problem solving  - doubling- frogspawn in a pond 5
Problem solving  - doubling- frogspawn in a pond 6
Problem solving  - doubling- frogspawn in a pond 7

Pancake creations

Pancake creations 1
Pancake creations 2
Pancake creations 3

Using money

Estimating and counting

The Tiger who came to Tea

The Tiger who came to Tea 1
The Tiger who came to Tea 2
The Tiger who came to Tea 3
The Tiger who came to Tea 4
The Tiger who came to Tea 5
The Tiger who came to Tea 6