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PE is on a Tuesday and a Friday all children need a PE kit.

2H spelling groups spring spellings

What are we learning this week?


In English this week we have been recapping statements, commands, exclamations and questions.

Can you explain to an adult or a friend the differences?

Can you write a statement?

Can you write a question?

Can you write an exclamation?

Can you write a command?


Grammar and punctuation

 We will be looking at verb tenses in sentences.

+ ed and + ing

e.g. walk + ed = walked

walk + ing = walking

We walked to the shop.

We were walking to the shop.

He walked to the shop.

He was walking to the shop.


A noun phrase is  - e.g.

a red box, the green grass, a yellow bus

An adjective and a noun together.

We will also focus this week on types of sentence

statement    command    question

Word classes

verb - I can action it adjective - describes - touch, colour, size noun  - I can hold it
walk  run  jump  hop rough  smooth  soft   slimy  hard car  bus  lorry
play  write  read

red  blue   green  orange

huge  tiny thin  narrow  wide enormous

table  chair  spoon

cat  dog  lion

Phonics  / spelling

Accurate spelling is essential for children to attain the expected level for a year 2 child.

This half term we will revisit phase 5 alternative spellings and continue to develop more accurate spelling within written work.

There are a range of web sites that can support children needing to practise Phase 3 and 5 words . Foam phonemes is a great place to start.

Click on the letter or group of letters , watch them fire out of the cannon and catch them. If you have several letters together and click on them you can almost hear the web site blending the word together.

click on the link below


2H maths group are looking at data analysis this week. Children have created bar graphs and pictograms. Children have been investigating the data to answer questions.

Can you collect data at home and create your own pictogram or bar graph?

Can you create your own questions based on your data?


Try this at home

shark pool


Play- Shop keepers

 Set up a small shop with items that cost up to 30p.  Children buy an item and pay for it exactly. You can challenge them by asking them to pay with a different combination of coins.

Help with times tables - try this web site


In topic this week we are looking at rabbits. Children will be creating non-chronological reports and instructions on how to care for rabbits.


Why do rabbits have long ears?

What do rabbits need daily?

Are rabbits herbivores or carnivores?