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In English this term we have been looking at the picture book 'Look up' about a child called Rocket. She loves space and would like to be an astronaut when she is older. The children in Year 2 have been creating stories of Rocket's adventures to new planets. 


Taniya's Rocket adventure 


First she jumped out of her space ship. After that she climbed up the snowy mountains ready to explore. When she went on the bridge something happened suddenly the bridge moved. Then she ran as fast as she could to find a place easily. Just then she saw an alien. As night fell the mushrooms helped her to get back so that she was not lost. After that she finally arrived. 


Luella's Rocket adventure 


At last Rocket jumped out of her space ship and she arrived at the new planet. First Rocked marched up the snow capped mountain and it was slippy. After that when Rocket marched to the top of the snow capped mountain she saw a yellow castle. As night fell Rocket thought that the city had changed. Rocket was scared. As night fell the ground changed to mushrooms. Rocket wanted to go home but she was not scared.