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2 K

Welcome to Class 2K

Thank you all

The school raised over £713 for Children in Need


New Walk Museum visit Monday 16th November

Please ensure all children have PE kits- which should be clearly named - in school from the first day.

Our PE lessons are on Tuesday and Wednesday.

All children should have a water bottle in school at all times. The throw away plastic bottles are best as they are cheap and can be disposed of following illness.

School uniform should be worn at all times -

Spellings this week

group 3 group 2 group 1

light   night

sight  might

bright  flight

chip chop 

church  chin

much  such

even   Steve 

sleep  needed

keep   sweep

reader   meat

plead  chief

belief  crown

clown  found

ground sound

later    ladder

germ   herself

hotter   better

school   chemist


machine   chef

key words to spell

what, please

key words to read

through, eyes


Class tricky words

one   them   do   when   it’s   see   looked


What are we learning this week?



Children will learn the features of information books. They will make notes and use these to write their own report. They read and research and use this information to add to their report.

Grammar and punctuation

 This week we will continued to consolidate understanding of a sentence. We will also learn to use conjunctions to join two sentences ( clauses) together.

Children will write questions.


We will review Phase 3 and phase 5  letters and sounds ensuring we can spell all words

Foam phonemes is a great site that says the sound for all groups of letters.

Click on the letter or groups of letters - watch it fire into the air and catch it.

 If you put a group of letters together you can blend a word.

click on the link below and have a go




Counting up to 100 and back  - crossing 10's barriers e.g. 28,29,30,31,32

and 56,57,58,59,60,61,62

recall 2 and 10 times tables

Children will further develop their confidence with addition and subtraction working with two digit numbers. They will use images and objects to support their calculations. Children will be challenged to solve problems.

Try this at home

 How many different addition and subtraction calculations can you write that have an answer of 12?

Hit the button is a good site to help with speedy recall - click on the link below




To be announced after launch day????