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English on PurpleMash

Listen to this poem by Michael Rosen. It is called the Michael Rosen Rap.


It is a very funny rap and it contains many instances of figurative language. These include:








We have learnt about figurative language previously and you may wish to research each one to recap your knowledge about them. 


We have also learnt about the structure and key features of poetry with rhyme and rhythm. You may research wish to recap your knowledge by researching what these two words mean. :)


Using the poem '2do', can you write your own Michael Rosen rap including figurative language. Can you think of actions to go with your rap? I have included a checklist in your '2do' :)


Geography on PurpleMash

I have been really pleased with our learning of locational knowledge over the past few weeks and we clearly have a good understanding of finding countries and physical features on Google Maps and the internet.


We are going to develop our understanding of locational knowledge deeper this week by finding cities by using Google Maps to help us.


Using Google Maps and the Internet as your starting point for research, can you:

Locate UK cities

Locate European capital cities

Locate USA cities.


You can type the cities into Google Maps and then zoom out. This will help you to learn where they are located within their countries. smiley

Computing on PurpleMash

We are going to continue to develop our knowledge of point view, net view and 3d view this week by adapting a 3D model.

Using different viewpoints and the creative tools, can you develop your house template and create your perfect home!


Remember to choose(.-) (.+)to add and remove points in pointview and use netview to colour all faces of your 3d model. :)

Science on PurpleMash

We are going to continue to investigate the effects of friction this week. Friction can be sometimes be useful.


A company that makes tricycles wants to create a new set of brakes. They want to find the best material that creates the most friction. You will be working scientifically by conducting a fair test and recording your results.


Create a ramp using a flat surface (such as a large book or box lid). Select 5 different materials around the house such as plastic, rubber, sponge, foil, and tissue. Make sure they are similar in mass and size.


Test the effects of friction by placing your material at the top of your ramp. Raise your ramp and measure the height before it falls from the ramp.


Write down your scientific investigation in your Science '2do'. Remember to write down what you are investigating, a prediction, how you conducted a fair test, your results and a conclusion smiley